A Quiz game on the lines of KBC. The questions will be based on Investments and companies participating in the exhibition. The Q&A bank will be available at each stall for the visitors to get the right answers. Top 10 players giving correct answers in the minimum possible time will get cash prizes. There will be 3 sessions of this game across 2 days.

Game Flow

  • Visitor registers at the registration desk with mobile no. to play the game.

  • Authentication code is sent via SMS which can be used as the user id.

  • Visitor logs on to the mobile website when the game session begins to play the game.

  • One Game session will last for 150 minutes. 18 questions will be asked in one session.

  • Questions will be administered every 5 minutes with 4 options.

  • Time is being given for the player to go to the respective stall and find out the right answer.

  • Ave of time taken /question will determine the winner.

  • All the questions with the right answers can be downloaded once the winners are decided .


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